The Source story on DxD course launch

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Funded by a pledge from Thomas B. McGowan IV, JD, and Nicolle C. McGowan, MD, the new course will help our students lead with civility, humility and empathy.

New Dialogue Across Difference Course

Dialogue Across Difference

“Dialogue Across Difference” is an eight-week undergrad course to explore difficult topics such as politics, religion, race, gender and socioeconomic identity.

Center for Diversity and Inclusion

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The Center for Diversity and Inclusion supports students students from underrepresented and/or marginalized populations, creates partnerships with campus and community partners, and promotes dialogue and social change.

Jacob Chacko, PhD

Dr. Jacob Chacko (he/him/his) serves as the Inaugural Director of Dialogue Across Difference for Washington University in St. Louis. His prior student affairs experience includes serving as the Director for […]