Tawni Hoeglund, PhD

Career Consultant

As a career consultant, I am passionate about helping students identify and explore career possibilities that align with their interests, values, abilities, and strengths.  I am also excited to help students at all levels identify and make next steps in their professional development—from exploration to accepting a new job.

As a psychologist with an emphasis in positive psychology, I have provided counseling for college students, taught courses in psychology, and conducted research.  In my previous career, I wrote code as an electrical and computer engineer.

What do you most enjoy about working at the Career Center?

I love connecting with students and helping them move from a sense of uncertainty or confusion, through the stages of exploration about themselves and the world of work, to eventually identifying one or more career directions that feel exciting and meaningful to them.

What is something interesting about you, your hobbies/passions or your life that might help someone connect with you?

My “best day ever” included an outdoor adventure at a ropes course, creating a painting, making our way out of an escape room, and a laughing hysterically at the end of the day over a board game.

Career Advising Focus Areas: General, assessments, exploring/deciding, counseling, and psychology