Seth Looper

Assistant Director, Career Development – Architecture

Before joining Wash U, I designed for clients in the movie and entertainment industry at a boutique architecture firm in New York City then ran a private education consulting business mentoring students and professionals all around the world.

What do you most enjoy about working at the Career Center?

I love working with students and learning about their unique talents. It’s always joyful and fulfilling to help students explore their potential toward a meaningful direction in their careers and lives. I love the fact I could be a part of their success story.

What is something interesting about you that might help someone connect with you?

One of the lessons I learned from architecture was to look at life in three dimensions and approach problems in a creative way. I have a great interest in connecting the dots of people’s experiences and potential to help them to find a purposeful direction to success. I believe that we all need a great mentor, and I love serving that role for students.

Career Advising Focus Areas: Architecture