Sarah Sperry

Career Consultant

Sarah Sperry
Sarah Sperry

I worked in the corporate world for over 10 years as a certified Senior Human Resources professional. I partnered with leadership teams on global business strategy, identifying and developing talent, leadership development and workforce planning. As a Career Advisor, I have a passion for coaching students and alumni to unleash their potential based on identifying their unique talents, interests, values and passions. Each person has unique gifts! I value education received inside and outside the classroom, as both enrich perspective and shape future leaders. I enjoy partnering with students at all stages of career exploration. My focus is supporting Arts & Science students who have an interest in all fields of business. After being in the business world, I see tremendous value in teams built with professionals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.

What do you most enjoy about working at the Career Center?

Partnering with individual students, each uniquely talented in different ways! I’ve learned so much from those I have had the honor of supporting. I am truly enjoy seeing the excitement when student’s celebrate victories, gain clarity and confidence and commit to working through both the peaks and valleys of their individual journey.

Something you learned about yourself or the working world during an internship or professional job?

Each company (even within the same industry) has a uniquely different culture. It’s ok to ask questions, and admit what you do not know. Every day brings new learning. Flexibility is important. A problem solving, collaborative mindset and keeping in mind the big picture helps to elevate teams. Grit, work ethic, strong interpersonal skills and enjoying the people you work alongside are important keys to success.

Career Advising Focus Areas: Consulting, Finance, General, Business, Exploring / Deciding, Advertising / PR / Marketing