Robin Shepard, DSc

Career Consultant

Robin Shepard
Robin Shepard

I earned my DSc in Chemical Engineering from WashU in 1996. Since then, I have been an adjunct professor, started two companies, became a faculty advisor for Engineers Without Borders, and worked in water and sanitation in developing communities. My goal is to help students use their passion to find their career path.

What do you most enjoy about working at the Career Center?

I love learning about what students have experienced during their time at WashU, whether it be in research, an internship, or within a student organization

Book, person, podcast or resource you find inspiring:

One podcast that I find helpful when talking to engineering students is Alan Alda’s Science: Clear and Vivid. Alan Alda is a terrific interviewer and guides scientist to express their highly technical research as accessible stories that allow everyone to appreciate why that research is important, and most importantly, why it is interesting. I try to emulate him when I lead students to write about their research on their resumes, in cover letters, or in grad school applications.

Career Advising Focus Areas: General, Engineering, Other Industry, Consulting, Sustainability, Public Health, Academia / Faculty