Conflict Resolution Facilitators

The Conflict Resolution Facilitators (CRFs) at WashU offer instruction and guidance to assist residents when they find themselves in moments of conflict. Through utilizing a variety of tools, including conflict-coaching, facilitated dialogue, mediation, and restorative circles, CRFs offer both proactive and reactive measures to help students before, during and after disagreements arise. No matter the size of the problem or the group involved, the CRFs are here to help! Application to be a CRF is LIVE! See below. 

Scheduling a Meeting with a CRF – By Appointment Only

Please schedule a meeting with us by clicking the link to our Residential Life Conflict Resolution Meeting Form below. You will also receive information from Residential Life about upcoming programs to engage with Conflict Resolution Facilitators.

Request a meeting with a CRF

Apply to be a conflict resolution facilitator

The application to apply to be a Conflict Resolution Facilitator OPEN! Learn about the process below and what it means from CRF’s themselves! Application closes March 26, 2021.

Apply to be a CRF NOW!

Now you know all about it, put your application in today! Application closes March 26, 2021. 

Apply to be a CRF

Mission Statement

To serve as a space where healthy dialogue and discussion are used to engage all viewpoints in ways that are non-judgmental, productive, and civil, in order to resolve and manage conflict. Our CRFs employ strategies from restorative justice, mediation, conflict-coaching, and alternative dispute resolution to address and repair instances of harm that arise in the community.

Vision Statement

To become a premier peer-to-peer resource for residential students to address conflict.