Cancellation of Club Sports, Fall 2020

From: Bryan Lenz
Date: July 23, 2020 at 11:04:21 AM CDT

Club Sport Leaders,

At WashU,  we passionately encourage and advocate for the engagement of our students outside of the classroom, particularly through student groups and recreational pursuits.  However, above all else, we must prioritize the health, safety, and wellness of our community.  Yesterday, the decision was made to cancel Fall varsity sports competitions.  Therefore, it is with great disappointment that we must also announce the cancellation of all Fall club sports competitions.

We want to be sure to communicate that we are planning for a Fall where we are able to provide an activity experience for you. We understand that connections with your teammates are instrumental to your development and experience. What this looks like is still evolving and you can expect additional communication in the coming weeks.  We will be working with our University leadership, campus colleagues, and staff to support you during this challenging time.

While we cannot answer all of your questions, we do want to emphasize that Chancellor Andrew D. Martin is expected to announce a decision on the Fall semester with several points of information by July 31, 2020.   The information learned in this communication will help guide our path forward for all student activities, inclusive of club sports.  In the meantime, please send any questions that you have to  These questions will be helpful in determining the best way to clarify and streamline information to your groups through a specific club sports FAQ or direct communication.

Please note that this email was sent to current officers of sport clubs registered in the Washington University Group Organizer (WUGO).  Therefore, as club leaders we ask that you share this information to your fellow teammates or members.  These are incredibly challenging times for higher education and this decision was not made without great care and careful consideration.  Our gratitude to each of you for your patience and understanding.


Our deepest regards,

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Bryan Lenz
Senior Associate Athletic Director-Recreation

Sean Curtis
Assistant Director- Club Sports


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Leslie Heusted
Executive Director for Campus Life

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