Campus Involvement for International Graduate Students

Studying in the U.S. presents an opportunity to learn and share different social, cultural and academic pursuits.

However, being an international student can also be a difficult experience in a number of ways. Issues with lengthy separation or long distance from family and friends, language, immigration, and cultural adjustment can sometimes feel overwhelming. To maintain academic and personal well-being, a number of resources are available for international students.

The Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS) – embraces Washington University in St. Louis’ mission of recruiting and retaining the most promising and accomplished students and scholars from around the world. The OISS enables international students and scholars to thrive academically and socially by meeting their unique needs and engaging them in American life and culture.

International graduate students association for Career Development And Networking (I-CAN)– is a graduate student group that is designed to help international students improve communication skills, build networks and learn leadership skills by working on group projects with other members in an English-speaking and multicultural environment, thereby enhancing individual member’s professional development and job marketability.

Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) – CSSA is a university-wide graduate student organization that coordinates social and intellectual activities for Chinese students and scholars on both Danforth and medical campus of Washington University. CSSA strives to increase cultural awareness on campus and share Chinese culture within the entire WashU community.

Korean Graduate Student Association (KGSA) – KGSA encourages friendship and solidarity among Korean graduate and professional students at Washington University, and promotes a broader understanding of Korea and its cultures among WashU students, faculty and staff.

Latino Graduate Student Alliance (LGSA) – The Latino Graduate Student Alliance is a graduate student group that addresses the social, educational, and professional needs of Latina/o graduate students and those interested in Latina/o and Latin American issues at Washington University. We strive to increase awareness and understanding of social, economic, cultural and political issues affecting the Latino community at large.

Taiwanese Graduate Student Association (TGSA) – TGSA aims to encourage interaction, cooperation and goodwill among Taiwanese graduate students at WashU and share Taiwanese culture.

UMANG (Indian Graduate Student Association) – Umang (meaning enthusiasm in Hindi) is the campus-wide Indian graduate student association of Washington University in St. Louis.