BearFit Training

BearFit Training

The BearFit training program is designed to provide options for anyone who is looking for guidance meeting their fitness goals.

From complimentary floor orientations and BearFit Beginnings classes to premium personal and group training sessions, WashU Rec offers something in any price range at any level of experience.

BearFit Trainer Directory

Personal and Group Training at Sumers Rec
BearFit training packages can be purchased via the online rec store or in person at the Sumers Rec membership desk. To book an appointment, e-mail.

60-Minute Personal Sessions

3 Sessions: $120
6 Sessions: $228
12 Sessions: $432
18 Sessions: $612

30-Minute Personal Sessions

6 Sessions: $132
12 Sessions: $252

60-Minute Group Sessions

6 Sessions: $132
12 Sessions: $252

BearFit Pilates Reformer Training
Train one on one, duets or small groups led by a Certified BearFit Pilates instructor using the reformers, chairs, towers, MOTRs and more at Sumers or the South 40 Fitness Center. Purchase training sessions in the online rec store.

60-Minute PRIVATE Sessions

3 Sessions: $150
6 Sessions: $288
12 Sessions: $552
18 Sessions: $792

30-Minute PRIVATE Sessions

6 Sessions: $144
12 Sessions: $276

60-Minute DUET OR GROUP Sessions

6 Sessions: $144
12 Sessions: $276

Specialized Small Group Training

WashU Rec is offering specialized small group training starting the week of September 28.

Group 1: Metabolic Conditioning

Group 2: BearFit Bootcamp

Register for small group training in the online rec store. Spaces are limited.

Train to Gain

WashU Rec is offering extra incentive for participating in BearFit Training programs this fall.

Each time you participate in personal or group training session between September 28 and November 23, your BearFit trainer will give you a sticker to place on the leaderboard. The three participants with the most stickers will receive a special prize and everyone who participates will receive a BearFit tank top.

If you have ever considered personal training or joining a small group training class, now is a great time to set up a consultation and get started on your fitness journey.

BearFit Beginnings
BearFit Beginnings is a program designed to help first-year students get acquainted with foundational aspects of fitness at Sumers Rec during their first 40 days on campus.

Our goal is to develop a sense of confidence in the gym by teaching a basic understanding about different exercises that can be incorporated into an everyday workout. Each class is conducted by a certified BearFit trainer who will provide both group and individualized attention as needed.

See the schedule and register for classes on the online rec store.

BearFit Skills
BearFit Skills is a series of complimentary classes open to every member of Sumers Rec with the concept to take any range of participants, novice to advanced, through a specialized exercise skill or piece of equipment.

Each class will have a different focus for the hour during which you will have the opportunity for hands-on experience performing the skill and learning how to utilize it within your own workout. You will work with one of our certified BearFit trainers in order to receive expert instruction and guidance and answer any questions you may have.

See the schedule and register for classes on the online rec store.

Complimentary Fitness Consultations
WashU Rec offers complimentary fitness consultations to members of the Summers Rec center. This hour-long consultation with one of our BearFit trainers will help determine your fitness baseline so you can set safe, achievable goals and start developing a plan to reach them.

During the consultation, your BearFit trainer will take your body measurements and discuss your health and fitness history. You’ll also talk about what fitness goals you have and what activities interest you to determine what WashU Rec programs could be the right fit for you.

Register for fitness consultations on the online rec store.

Complimentary Floor Orientations
WashU Rec offers 20 min floor orientations to help new gym-goers familiarize themselves with strength and cardio equipment in the Sumers Recreation Center. Participants will be introduced and instructed on how to use each type of cardio machine as well as how to safely and effectively utilize the free weight, selectorized, and plate-loaded strength training equipment. All participants will have the opportunity to ask questions, observe demonstrations or try the pieces out themselves.

To set up this 20-minute appointment, contact Manager of Fitness Operations Johnny Vitatoe.