Apply to Work With Campus Life

Are you looking for a fun way to get involved on campus and make some
money spring semester?

Apply to work with Campus Life!

Applications will be available on WUGO starting October 22. Visit the Campus
Life department page on


Available positions include:

Danforth University Center Student Assistants (DUCSAs)

DUCSAs will be hired to staff the Campus Life, Fun Room, or Tisch
Commons information desk. Students interested in working as a DUCSA
must be customer service minded, be an adaptable problem solver in an
often fast-moving environment, and be responsible for working a
minimum of six hours per week.

Event Assistants

Students interested in working as an event assistant will serve as a
first point of contact for students, faculty, and staff hosting events
in premier and standard spaces across campus. Students must be
dependable, professional, and able to think quickly to solve problems.

Student Union Public Relations (SUPR)

Students working for the Student Union Public Relations team will be
hired to work as photographers, videographers, or graphic designers.
Students do not need to be in the Sam Fox school, but must present a
portfolio at the time of application. Students must have an
understanding of the Adobe suite and be available to work flexible

For more information, contact Mandy Curtis, Department Coordinator for
Campus Life at or 314-935-3443.