Sumers Rec Center Membership Update

Student walking in front Sumers Rec Center

The WashU Office of Recreation is working with the COVID Monitoring Team (CMT) to investigate the possibility of expanding Sumers Rec Center access beyond the student population beginning Tuesday, July 6.

With limited capacities and restricted activities in place, WashU Rec plans to monitor facility use over the next three weeks to forecast what summer student usage will be. Using this data, WashU Rec will decide on June 21 whether to expand access to faculty, staff, alumni and retirees beginning July 6.

If WashU Rec determines NOT to expand access:

All paused faculty, staff, alumni and retiree memberships will remain paused, and it’s likely WashU Rec will not reconsider expanding access until a few weeks into the fall semester. Members who aren’t comfortable with this timeline can request a prorated refund before July 1 by emailing and providing a contact phone number. WashU Rec will need to call to complete the transaction and members should be prepared to provide card information over the phone to complete the refund.

If WashU Rec determines to expand access:

By default, faculty, staff, alumni and retirees with a paused membership will automatically have their membership reactivated beginning July 6 to include the extension already paid, and will not see any additional fees.  WashU Rec will offer a prorated refund to any paused members who don’t feel comfortable returning at this time. Please note that extending a membership pause beyond July 6 will not be an option.  The two choices are either a July 6 activation OR a refund.

WashU Rec will also open new membership sales to faculty, staff, alumni and retirees. Please keep in mind, the Sumers Rec Center will continue to operate in a modified capacity this summer in accordance with guidance from the CMT. Below are some key points:

  • Members will be required to register for visits in advance, and there are a limited number of report times.
  • WashU Rec will not offer indoor BearFit classes this summer. There are free outdoor BearFit classes that are open to anyone in the WashU community with or without a membership. Participants must register for classes on the Online Rec Store.
  • A mask is required to be worn inside the facility at all times, even while using cardio equipment regardless of vaccination status.
  • The indoor track is currently housing cardio equipment and is not available as a walking/running surface.
  • The squash and racquetball courts will remain closed.

Visit the COVID-19 Operations page for full information on our modified operations including any updates to existing policies. WashU Rec will offer a prorated refund to members who determine current operations are too restrictive to suit their needs at this time. Again, WashU Rec asks that all prorated refund requests come in before July 1.

Spouse/Partner Memberships

WashU Rec will not re-open access to spouses and partners at this time. The priority is to serve the direct WashU community and follow University guidelines on limiting outside visitors to campus. WashU Rec will begin refunding all paused spouse and partner memberships on June 2.  Please contact WashU Rec by sending your phone number to to begin the refund process.  WashU Rec staff will begin calling individuals to complete refunds over the phone.  Members should be prepared to provide card information over the phone to complete the refund. Receipts will be emailed upon completion.

WashU Rec does not have a timeline on when membership sales to spouses and partners will resume. In the interim, WashU Rec is extending access to the free outdoor BearFit classes to spouses and partners who have previously had memberships.

WashU Rec would like to once again thank everyone for their patience during these unprecedented times.