New OISS resources

Join leading scholars in a recorded panel event “Anti-Asian America,” now available to view on the new OISS programming page. This event was hosted by The Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity & Equity, Women Gender & Sexuality Studies and the Asian American Studies Minor. Panelists expanded conversations around race that center the Asian experience and took up imperative questions about how intersectionality—of gender, of sexuality, of immigrant experience—complicate and amplify racial supremacy.

The discussion ranged from topics including; the history of Asian exclusion immigration laws, racial narratives and stereotypes, links between systemic violence and racism against indigenous peoples and violence against women and immigrants of color, civility as preservation of the status quo, solidarity among pan-ethnic minority groups and activism for change.

OISS has also expanded our web resources for fighting racism and discrimination, addressing the nationwide conversation about racial equality, police brutality, systemic racism and grappling with this country’s complicated history. On this site you can learn more about the movements for racial equality, access resources and learn what you can do to get involved.