Accessible Parking and Transportation Request Form

Please use this form to request Accessible Transportation if living on campus (medical transport) or off campus (accessible transport). Note: the medical transport will be used for on-campus transportation for temporary and permanent disabilities.

If you have any questions or difficulties with this form, please contact Disability Resources at 314-935-5970 or by email

Disability Resources: Accessible Parking and Transportation Request Form

About You

Your Transportation Request

What is your location of residence?
Please let us know if you are requesting on campus transportation from a residential college on the Danforth Campus or if you live in either university housing off the Danforth campus or another off-campus location and require transportation to and from your permit parking area. See Campus Map to determine if your residence is on or off the Danforth Campus.
Is your need for accessible transporation due to a temporary or permanent disability?
At what time(s) do you request accessible transportation?
Please check all that apply.
Do you currently have a WUSTL parking permit?


To complete your request, please upload documentation verifying your disability or need. See Documentation Guidelines for Disability Resources for more information.
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB
Please upload documentation for your disability or need.