Academic Break Housing Information

Housing Information and procedures Winter and Spring academic breaks for students living in Residential Life managed housing.

Thanksgiving Break Information

We are happy to have any resident who wants to stay over break remain in their space. If you plan on being in the halls/ on campus on Thursday, Friday or Saturday (November 24th – 28th) we ask that you let us know. This will help our staff be aware of who is in the building for health and safety concerns.

Register for Thanksgiving Break Here. 

Dining Services Thanksgiving Break Hours

Winter Break Information

Residence halls will close on Thursday, December 23 by 5:00pm. 

The Winter Housing Form is NOW OPEN via WashU Housing Portal. It will remain open until the end of December. At that time, request for Winter Break will be considered early arrival request. Please see our move-in page for early arrival information here.

What are your Winter Break plans?

  • Staying for the entire winter break.
  • Leaving for the entire winter break.
  • Staying for a portion and leaving for the remainder of Winter Break.
  • Leaving the university permanently.
















Staying for the entire winter break

  • You must complete the Winter Housing Form via the WashU Housing Portal in order to maintain access to residential facilities. You will check the box to stay for the entire break once you are inside of the form. 
  • The Winter Housing request form will open Friday, November 5, 2021 by 12:00pm. 
  • For information about dining over the Winter Break, visit here for 2020. 

Leaving for the entire Winter Break

  • If you are planning to leave for the entire winter break , you must complete the Fall Checkout Form via the WashU Housing Portal to checkout of your Fall space only.
  • Complete the Winter Checklist before leaving campus. (see below)

Staying for a portion and leaving for the remainder of Winter Break.

This could be because you are planning to stay for a short period or waiting on a flight. You will complete the following steps:

  • You must complete the Winter Housing Form AND the Fall Checkout Form via the WashU Housing Portal in order to maintain access to residential facilities temporarily. You will select specific departure date once you are inside of the form. 
  • For information about dining over the Winter Break, visit here for 2020. 
  • Complete the Winter Checklist before leaving campus. (see below)

Read Note: When completing the Winter Break Housing Form, the date you select is important. The departure date you select let’s us know when you will be leaving and when your access to residential facilities will be turned off until Spring opening. There will be no exceptions. If you plan to stay the entire break, select Friday, January 14, 2022. 

Leaving the university permanently.

This means that you are not planning to return to residential life housing for the Spring Semester.

This could mean you are leaving to Study Abroad, a December Graduating Senior, or have a different situation. You will complete the Fall Express Checkout Form via the WashU Housing Portal and complete the detailed move out instructions linked below.

  • Graduating senior contracts will end when residence halls close Friday, December 23, 5:00 p.m. Graduates must be completely moved out at closing time by 5:00 p.m.
  • Detailed instructions for moving out can be found here.

Leaving for Break: Complete the Winter Checklist

Residents who plan to leave for Winter Break but return for the Spring semester should adhere to the following procedures. All rooms will undergo Health and Safety inspections during the Winter Break. Fines will be assessed for any damages.

  • Keep heat on (65 degrees or low) but DO NOT TURN OFF.
  • Close all of your windows.
  • Close your blinds. 
  • Unplug everything (defrost the refrigerator then leave unplugged). Fish tanks may remain plugged in.
  • Remove all perishable items and throw items away. (This includes perishables in the fridge)
  • Unplug your alarm clock.
  • Take out the trash and recycling.
  • Move furniture away from the heater or vents.
  • Remove bikes from your room. (We recommend you register your bike if you haven’t already, purchase a lock from WUPD and lock your bike to a bike rack station on campus)
  • Move all electronics up off the floor.
  • Turn off all lights. 
  • Lock your door(s). 

Take all valuables with you while at home for winter break. Residential Life will not provide shipping of items. 

Additional Information

Quiet Hours

24-Hour Quiet Hours begin on Sunday, December 12, 2021 at 11:00 p.m. and will remain in effect until the Residence Halls close for the semester. There will be a $50 fine for all violations.

Health and Safety Inspections

Residential Life staff as well as maintenance staff will conduct routine facilities and safety checks, also known as Health and Safety checks. Each Residential College Director will inspect each room in their college for damage, missing furniture, etc. during the Winter Break. Additionally, staff will be triple checking that you have completed the Winter Checklist items communicated to you via website, poster, WashU Housing Portal and Res Life reporter (also shown below).

Participating in Formal Sorority Recruitment

If you are looking to arrive early for formal sorority recruitment, Campus Life has outlined the process for individuals participating on their website here. Our office will not be allowing students to return prior to this groups approved date. You must be participating in formal sorority recruitment for this process.

Spring Opening Information

Residence halls will open on Friday, January 14, 2022. 

Operational Hours for Spring Opening

  • All Residential Life offices will be open from 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday – Friday. 
  • Offices will be closed on the weekends and all observed university holidays.
    • Holidays: Friday, December 24, Friday, January 31, Monday, January 17.
    • Up to date office hours can be found here

Detailed Move-In information (instructions for returning to campus and early arrivals) can be found here.