5 Things You Didn’t Know About Forest Park


Forest Park pond


Written By Ezinne Arizor, International Scholar and Advisor

It’s almost springtime! As we leave behind the icy cold that kept us indoors a couple of weeks ago, we are able to look forward to warmer days and brighter weather in St. Louis. This is good news! As many of our normal activities are still suspended or limited due to the pandemic, one of the easiest and safest things to do these days is go for a walk in the fresh air.

Forest Park was recently named the second best city park in the US by USA Today. Spreading from WashU all the way to the Central West End, it’s hard to miss the 1,300 acres of the beautiful green park. Here are a few facts to get you curious about Forest Park and hopefully entice you to visit this spring:

  • · Forest Park is over 140 years old. The park opened in 1876 and was names for the forest that covered much of the land.
  • · Forest Park is a third larger than the famous Central Park in New York.
  • · While Forest Park features many athletic avenues, such as two golf courses, tennis courts, ice skating, soccer field, and baseball field, there are no basketball courts.
  • · There is a Victorian Footbridge in the Northeast area of the Park. Built in 1885, this bridge served as an entrance into the park and was restored in 1994. Take an adventure and try to locate this bridge!
  • · Beyond, the art museum, zoo and history museum, Forest Park also hosts a planetarium and The Muny, an open theater.

Take some time this spring to enjoy the outdoors and explore the depths of Forest Park!